Welcome and introduction


Welcome to Meg’s Learning Futures!

This is my site about how some of the cultural and social changes we’re seeing in the digital world today. The various modules cover topics such as

  • What changes are we seeing in the internet?
  • What is Web 2.0?
  • Who are the Net Generation?
  • How will all of this impact on education?

The site is meant to be used in conjunction with the workshops that I run for educators on Web 2.0 and the Net Gen, but if you find the modules useful outside of that setting, then good for you! What’s more, you can do the course at your own pace and in whatever order you want.


Blog your answers as you go

You can join the Learning Futures blog and blog your answers to the questions and exercises throughout the course. All you have to do is join up with WordPress and you will be able to leave comments on the relevant postings I’ve made.wallpaper-48x48.png

Set up your own blog

Better still, I recommend that you set up a blog at the beginning of the course and you start blogging your answers, thoughts and reflections to the questions raised in the course. With a blog, you can record your own learning journey and keep a track of any useful material that you find yourself on the Web. For example, each module asks you to clarify what your own learning objectives are and then to reflect at the end on what you’ve learnt (or not!). If you blog these questions, and your answers to the focus questions and exercises, you will:

  1. Learn more about how blogs work in the technical sense
  2. Begin to think more deeply about what it is that you’re learning about the social and educational implications of new technologies.

Learning Futures aims to take the ‘freak out’ factor out of current ICT trends in society and, to that end, the site is aimed at novices.

I hope you enjoy the site. Let me know if you find any really terrific resources that you think should be added, or just let me know what you think of the modules! Each module has a blog post set up for it, so you can leave your comments and discoveries there.

Have fun!


Dr Megan Poore
Educational Consultant

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