2. Reflection


Blog your reflections on the Who are the Net Gen? module, here.

  • What have I learnt?
  • What is still unclear?
  • What do I need to follow up on?
  • Where to from here?
  • What other stuff I have read or accessed to help me make sense of it all?


4 Responses to “2. Reflection”

  1. ssimonv Says:

    People have adual life. They have both a cyber existence and a “real world” life. I think I know which is more exciting for them, don’t you?

  2. blogrobyn Says:

    Students can teach us about Web 2.0

  3. quantumnumber Says:

    Will this technology increase alienation ? As online communities become more prevalent, will there be a corresponding decrease in conventional community participation?

  4. mediamber Says:

    The Net Gen learn by doing and by inclusion, will participate through collaboration and co-operation. How do I make my learners needs dynamic ? What about privacy? How do I acess their understanding?

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