Meg’s ICT attitudinal survey

This survey is designed to test your attitude to Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) such as the internet, computers and personal mobile devices. Please take your time, and circle the answer that most describes how you feel about the following.


Calculator1. Computers

a) Are freaky.
b) Can be broken.
c) Are a means to an end.
d) Are old skool, man. I want a personal device that does phone, email, internet, calendar, music, IM, chat, address book, Skype, SMS, teleport, and I want it NOW.

CameraIcon2. I learn by

a) Freaking out.
b) Guessing and hoping.
c) Reading the manual.
d) Doing.

CogIcn 3. When I come across a new program or online interface, I

a) Freak out.
b) Dread having to learn a completely new program.
c) Think about other interfaces I know and try to figure out how the current interface might fit a pattern.
d) Get in there and tool around and see what happens, knowing that I can’t break it.

CompassIcon4. When I can’t figure out how to do something in a program or interface, I

a) Freak out.
b) Sit there thinking either “I’m so dumb” or “Computers are stupid”.
c) Try the help function and when that doesn’t work ask the HelpDesk or a friend.
d) Jump on the internet and google an answer, knowing that someone, somewhere in the world has solved this problem before and has posted their answer in a geeky discussion forum. Sweeeeeet.

PhoneIcon5. When a dialogue box pops up in the middle of doing something, I

a) What’s a dialogue box? I’d probably freak out.
b) Click and hope.
c) Read it very, very carefully and then decide which option I want to click, knowing that I’ve made the right choice.
d) Read it quickly, guess which box is most likely and then click, knowing that I’ve probably made the right choice but it doesn’t matter because there’s little chance I’ll make the wrong one, anyway.

NotePad6. Problem solving

a) Freaks me out.
b) Is too hard. I’d rather try something else, and besides, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘problem solving’
c) Is a good way of working through issues, but I don’t have the time.
d) Floats my boat.

TemperatureIcon7. I think ICTs are

a) Freaky.
b) A wonder to behold! Look at all the amazing things we can do with them!
c) Important for work.
d) Just there, dude.

CLockIcon8. The pace of change

a) Makes me freak out.
b) Makes me wonder how I will ever keep up.
c) Is to be expected in today’s world. I’ll manage.
d) What is this ‘pace of change’ you speak of?

SunFlowerIcon9. When it comes to integrating ICTs into my work and personal lives, I

a) Freak out.
b) Must know it all before I can start
c) Should learn stuff now, while there’s a flat spot at work.
d) Will learn it when I need to. There’s so much stuff out there that I can’t possibly learn it all ‘just in case’.

iPodIcon10. People who don’t adopt ICTs in the digital world are

a) Freaks.
b) In danger of being excluded. They’d better get with the program pretty quick.
c) Understandably reticent.
d) One Of The Chosen.


If you chose mostly answer ‘a’, there is sadly little hope that you will survive into 22nd century.

If you chose mostly answer ‘b’, don’t worry: we can help.

If you chose mostly answer ‘c’, you’re doing just fine, but might be able to change your current practices and attitudes so that you can get more out of your current use of ICTs.

If you chose mostly answer ‘d’, then you can teach me.

2 Responses to “Meg’s ICT attitudinal survey”

  1. lynmernagh Says:

    mostly d

  2. Lisa Hill Says:

    6 x d, 4 x c, and 10 is a trick question, right?

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