Cool tech to use with your students

There’s a whole bunch of cool stuff out there — not just wikis and blogs — that is free and that you can be using with your students. Here’s a list of some of my finds.

If you want to just have a look around the sites I’ve marked with an asterisk (‘*’) without first signing up, use the following sign in details:

  • Username: demomeg (or email:
  • Password: meggelina

For assignments …

slideshare image


  • Create presentations and then share them with the world (or privately)
  • Add audio to create a webinar
  • Embed slideshows on your blog or website
  • Students can create and share presentations on class topics

clipmarks image


  • Take clippings from the web and put them into a ‘ClipCast’ for distribution to others
  • Helps you keep a library of interesting finds
  • Ask students to create ClipCasts on certain topics

    Netvibes* and Pageflakes*

  • Create a personalised homepage on the web
  • Collaborate with others to create pages
  • Share your pages with others
  • Add widgets and other cool stuff
  • Ask students to create pages on class topic, containing RSS feeds, widgets, webpages, podcasts etc.

    Survey Monkey* and Vizu*

  • Create and customise polls
  • Share your pollswith others
  • Ask students to create polls on class topics and insert them into their wikis or blogs etc.

    Ning groups*

  • Create groups, forums, events, notes, announcements
  • Great as a class development and communication tool
  • Ask students to create groups around class topics
  • Master key: demomeg

Getting students organised …

    The Class Connection and MyNoteIT*

  • Lots of planning and management tools, including document sharing, spreadsheets, planners, notebook, chat, wiki …
  • Add classes, groups
  • Mobile phone access
  • Join class or school groups
  • Keep track of assignments and grades
  • Friends lists
  • Calendars



  • A huge variety of online management tools
  • Spreadsheets, documents, notebook, slideshows
  • wiki
  • web conferencing, chat, mail
  • planner, meetings, project management, invoicing
  • document drop-box


  • document drop-box and storage
  • access files from anywhere
  • collaborate
  • edit documents and photos online





Check out Tech Crunch’s comparison of some of these lists


Google Calendar*

Yahoo Calendar

  • Scheduling
  • Sharing events
  • Various views available

Referencing and bookmarking


Library Thing*

  • Catalogue your books online
  • Acces bookmarks from anywhere
  • Create references lists

For fun …

meez image

  • Create and customise your avatar
  • Add animations and backgrounds
  • It’s just very cool

*Use the following log in details to have a play around without signing up:

  • Username: demomeg (or email:
  • Password: meggelina

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