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2. What makes a Net Gen?

February 27, 2008


Blog your answers to the focus questions in ‘What makes a Net Gen’ in the Who are the Net Gen? module, here.

Who do you think the Net Gen are? Are they the same as the ‘Y’ generation? What age group are they? Are ‘their’ learning styles different from ‘ours’? Is this is all just a load of old baloney and a moral panic over nothing?

What characterises their attitudes towards

  • Information?
  • Community?
  • Collaboration?
  • Communication?
  • Choice?
  • Complexity?

What makes a ‘net’ generation? Is it age or ways of behaving online, regardless of age? Does actually growing up with Web 2.0 technologies actually make any difference? Write down your thoughts, discuss with a partner or small group in the class, or blog it!